Small amount of liquid in wrong side

Hi everyone- I’ve had my machine for a while, but haven’t used it very much. I recently got a vacuum sealer and am liking the sv results a little more when the food is vacuumed sealed. For today’s pork chops, I had to thaw them in the fridge before I could get them apart to vacuum seal. When I did vacuum seal them, a tiny amount of the natural juices from the pork got past the seal line. I just rinsed the bag and put the sealed bags in the cooking water that was at the cooking temperature. Is this alright, or is it problematic that some of the juice ended up on the wrong side of the seal? It didn’t drip into the drip tray on the vacuum sealer, so it really wasn’t much at all. Thanks!

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Hi @Kristilw

No problem at all. As long as you’ve got a good seal you’ve got no worries. ( I double seal for the sous vide.)