Smoked Ribeye Roast

This is more of a question and I didn’t see anything online about it!

I want to smoke my roast to about 120 degrees (should be rare), seal it in a bag, then want to use my sous vide to reheat the roast for Thanksgiving day but want to get the roast about a medium doneness with the sous vide

Does anyone have suggestions how long that would take using the sous vide, once I have already cooked the roast on the smoker to 120 degrees.

Thanks in advance!!!

Dave, is that temperature internal, as in core temperature?

If so, then you are well down the road to Medium doneness. In fact too far along the way to give you any accurate SV cooking time. There are too few details disclosed and too many variables to be useful for you at this point.

Out of culinary curiosity, what is the roast doing now, 4 hours after you posted your question? I don’t really want an answer, but it is getting to be a food safety concern at the post smoking temperature.

Next question: how thick ie the roast? Thickness is critical to timing.

Here’s what i would have done:
Plan A. Dave’s Technique.
Smoke as you have, then finish in a low oven. How low? Well if you have a conventional North American oven that’s 170ᴼF. Depending on the undisclosed mass of that roast it will take an hour or two. Then finish as you were planning, if you were.

Plan B. Next time
Take control of your cooking by reversing your procedure.
SV first at 120ᴼF Rare and then smoke finish to achieve Medium doneness by monitoring internal temperature.

I can’t do it that way, no smoker where I am heading, and I didn’t smoke the roast till later in the day so I got your message. Though I think I did over cook the roast, here is to hoping it turns out okay tomorrow on turkey day!

Dave, it’s usually better to know you will have success rather than hope, particularly with poultry.

If you consider food safety important you should monitor your roast’s temperature throughout the process. Overcooking can add to safety if you can minimaze the time the roast’s temperature is in the Food Danger Zone. Consider that low temperature SV reheating in a closed environment can add to potential hazards.

Make it a great Thanksgiving.