Hi! I’m concerned about using the stick for the first time. I wanted to cook a pulled pork and set my stick for 74 degrees c for 18 hours and then planning to pop it in the oven for 1 hr. I don’t have a container so I used a pot (didn’t know I had to cover it). I started cooking at 4pm and around 1am (last time I checked the anova was working fine) but at 6:45am i checked again and it was in stand by mode and at 34 degree (I’m guessing because the water evaporated and was at minimum level). Should I toss the meat? O can I cook it for 5 more hours ?? Thanks for the help!!

As you gain sous vide cooking experience you will appreciate the importance of attention to detail in achieving successful outcomes. Low temperature cooking can be hazardous to your health when food safety standards are ignored.

You don’t reveal any important details of your cooking other than temperature. We know your water temperature plummeted from 74ᴼC to 34ᴼC in somewhat less than 5 hours depending on how quickly water evaporated. That is excessively quick indicating there was a small volume of water.

The commonly observed food safety standard is no hazardous food should be held below 60ᴼC for a cumulative time greater than 4 hours. Pitch the pork.

As for covering the pot, I’d suggest covering with plastic wrap and then a layer of aluminum foil over that. That should minimize water loss due to evaporation, insulate a bit, and also protect the electronics in your cooker from steam.