Second cook in progress, question

I’m doing my second cook, a 5 lb pork shoulder I’ve been cooking at 175 degrees. Started at about 7 pm, added water at about 11 pm, checked at 1 am it seemed good. Woke up at 7 am to low water alarm, not sure how long it had been going off, but water temp had dropped to 111. Checked meat next to bone, it was 130 and smells fine. Is this still safe to eat or should I pitch it? It’s been on about 15 hours now (less the time it was turned off). I had planned on about 14 hours total, how long should I continue to cook? Should I kick up the temp? Thanks!

It is difficult to give a 100% accurate opinion on something like this and I would not want you to do something based on my recommendation and have anyone get sick.

On a side note when doing long cooks evaporation is greatly reduced by adding a cover even saran wrap to you vessel. It also helps maintain a even water temperature as evaporation cools the water.

Thanks, I went another hour and the pork was over 165 degrees…gave it a sear in cast iron and it’s now chilling. I nibbled a few pieces, tasted great and no ill effects yet.

Thanks for the tip on the lid, first cook was only a couple hours so did not have that issue. Think I’m going to buy a cheap cooler and cut the lid to fit.

Thanks again!

Glad it all turned out well.