So last evening, I intended to do some boneless pork ribs (whatever cut they decided to call boneless pork ribs this time) 2 1/2 hrs @ 150 F.
So at about 4 hrs, I remembered I had a SV going on… Doh !
So usually I set my SV for quite a bit longer than I intend to actually run it, just in case I can’t get to it right away. But this time, I assumed I’d be right on it. Wrong. So by the time I remembered it, and went to check, the machine had been off for 90 minutes. But I turned it back on to check the temp, and it had only dropped from 150 F (the temp for my cooking) to 131 F. So I figured since one can actually SV at 131, it should definitely still be safe.

So I’ve been having this pork for breakfast for 3 days now, and it is super good :slightly_smiling_face: Very tender, and quite juicy :slightly_smiling_face:

And BTW, this might sound weird… But think about this for a second … Maple cured bacon :slightly_smiling_face: Mmmm… Right ?
Okay, so in my SV cook I used a good shot of Sucralose (I’m a keto guy), a generous amount of Pink salt, and a tablespoon of maple extract. Bam ! Great with breakfast, heated with a bunch of butter, and some SF Maple syrup :wink:

Will be doing this a lot more in the future :wink:

If you’re looking to actually cure it you’ll need to leave it sit for about a day per inch of thickness.

And if you value your health be less than generous with Pink salt. Check the instructions, curing salts are effective in low concentrations.

The curing salts are mainly salt with only 2-6.5% sodium nitrite, but when you add it to a curing mix you’re only adding about 0.1% by weight. So, yes, you need to be very sparing with it’s use.

It was actually pink Himalayan salt… Not curing salt.
Anyway, I thought you were going to say, go light on the Sucralose :slightly_smiling_face: But even on the keto forum, my signature says, Dirty, lazy Keto guy, and Sucralose freak :grinning:

Eh, not really. I just want the meat to taste sweet and salty, and I’ve already got that covered :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Chris, reading your first post above it sounds to me that you are saying that your APC actually shut off at 2.5 hours. Usually when cooking sous vide I expect the APC to run until…

  1. I shut it off.
  2. Water runs low and it shuts off.
  3. A power outage shuts it off for me!!! :slight_smile:

Have you hooked your machine up to a timed outlet or something? If you have I highly suggest that you go back to using a “regular” outlet - just in case a future accidental overlong cook goes unnoticed until the water bath it 70 degrees when you find it!

(Maybe I’m missing something and my advice is not appropriate - let me know if so!)

Hey Mirozen, well my my machine is not an Annova. I typically set my machine for a lot longer than I intend to actually cook it. But this time, I just figured for only a short cook, where I was not leaving the house, I wouldn’t forget… But sitting 25 ft away from my SV tub, forget I did !

Yikes! I didn’t think there were any sous vide manufacturers that provided an actual “power off” at the end of a timed cook! Anova made the right decision in not doing so; your experience is a perfect example, though I’m very happy to hear that you caught it before the temperature dropped into the danger zone! Given that this is the way your device works I think it might be best to just max out the timer on the device and use an external timer to remind you when your cook has completed. An extended cook will always be preferable to the bath going cold when it’s unattended!
Regarding the pork itself…was it “country style ribs” that you were cooking? I’ve cooked a number of batches of those at 150 F but I’ve always cooked them for quite a few hours longer than the 2 1/2 hours you did as my wife prefers a high degree of tenderness. If “country style ribs” was the cut you cooked I’m curious as to your opinion regarding the resulting tenderness of your cook! :slight_smile:

Well of course I can, and usually do set my time for much longer… Then just pull it whenever it’s most convenient.

I’ve seen like 3 different cuts of pork with “country” and “rib” in the name… Lately, at WinCo, all for $1.98 a lb :slightly_smiling_face:
They have been anywhere from fairly tender, to fall apart tender with 2-4 hour SV cookings @ 150 F. Granted, I do look for the most marbled cuts I can find too.
So I did some again last evening, and I think they had “country style” and sirloin in the name. Did these for 3 hrs at 150 F and these were awesome !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have another brand and it shuts off at the end of the cook as well. It was inexpensive and I got my feet wet with it and decided I liked the outcome so now I have the new Anova as my primary and the other one as my backup/secondary unit. Because of the auto-shutoff, I usually set my time longer than I want to cook or I just start it with no time (set to 0:00). When I start it set to zero it just stays on and counts the cook time. Then I use another means of reminding myself when it is done.

Anything with an auto shut-off on timer is asking for food safety troubles.

Not at all. You can just set it for 99 hrs.

Many people aren’t that smart on the food safety side of things.