Sosu vide food- does it have to be eaten immediately?

Sous vide food - does it have to be eaten immediately on cooking, or can it be kept at room temperature for a couple of hours and eaten after some time, with or without reheating? For e.g., cold salads with chicken- can they be eaten later? The reason for asking is, can sous vide food be delivered (home delivery business)?

You can’t forget your food safety! True, if your meat is pasteurized it’s safer, but you really don’t want to allow any meat to be in the “danger zone” for more than two hours tops!

If you’re delivering food and want to keep it hot, I might suggest you have a cooler full of hot water to keep your items out of the danger zone while in transit? (may get tricky due to the level of doneness of your contents).

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Two hours is usually considered to be the safe holding limit for food at room temperature. Then it must be consumed immediately or disposed of.

However your key word is “business”. Advanced food preparation is a difficult business. You haven’t done your R & D work yet or you would not be asking these questions. The ultimate answer lies in the realm of your local public health officials to decide how they will allow you to do it, if at all.

If you are considering selling a chicken salad held at room temperature you won’t be in business long.

Safe hot delivery is very challenging. See who’s doing it in your area and how. Do the work. The Alto-Sham company has developed the superior hot holding and delivery equipment you need, but please be sitting down when you see the costs.

Cold delivery of SV foods has been done safely and successfully for many decades in food services and grocery stores.

I wish you all the success possible.


Sous vide prepared meats can be cooked to pasteurisation in advance, shock chilled and refrigerated and stored for extended durations. There are tables in the Baldwin bible that give a full rundown of safe storage time depending on the temperature of the refrigerator.

Chicken would need to remain chilled until shortly before serving, for safety.

Thanks for the information, I will check out further how to go about it.

Thanks. You are right, need to research further. Will check out alto sham as well.