Sous Vide and Smoking Gun

I’ve had my Anova just less than 18 months, and I love it. Being a bit of a gadget person, I recently received a smoking gun for my birthday. I am one happy camper.

I’ve experimented with cold smoking before and after searing, and I think afterwards retains more smoke. Has anyone found anything different, or do you have any tips you would care to share?

I got one for Christmas but haven’t really played around with it much yet. I will post here when I do!

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What a great birthday present! If you are looking to get a touch of smoky flavor on the outermost layer of your food, many sous viders say they get a better result when they use their smoking gun last, just before serving. Others may have another view.

Here are a few links that contain some more smoking gun + sous vide tips (the first link is a little dated but the theory should still stand):

Hope this info is helpful.

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a smoke gun works great with sous vide! I use it all the time. Plus you can experiment with other foods and drinks that are less of the norm to “smoke” like ice cream and pop corn. Or smoked bourbon is a favorite!

Here’s the one I got and it works great