Sous Vide Container Recommendations and your ideas?

Hi all.

I have just purchased my first ever Sous Vide machine. The ANOVA Precision Cook with WiFi.

I can’t wait to get it and try out some of the delicious recipes on this site.

One of the questions that keeps spinning in my mind is regarding suitable containers. I didn’t give thes much thought, but now that i am looking around the net for recipes, it seems that polycarbonate containers are readily used. Further they are not cheap!

I was going to try cooking in the pot, but was also thinking of perhaps buying one of the clip lid food containers (BPA FREE) and perhaps cut out a hole for the ANOVA.

I would love to get some ideas and recommendations on suitable suits vide containers and what have people had succes with making their own.

Looking forward to your replies.

I’d say keep it simple, but a DIY vessel project is fun to. Because I often cook for myself, a deep pot will usually do. Or sometimes I’ll use one of those Cambros if I’m cooking something at work.

There are factors that determine what cooking vessel I choose for my cook. What am I cooking? How long is the cook? How long before I cook it? The more insulated your container the less work your Anova has to do. In addition, you can use the ice bath notification feature for longer periods of times if you are using a cooler.

I think everyone here knows by now that I’m a big advocate of the Coleman 24-can and 48-can Stacker coolers but my round Igloo? It can keep a cook on ice for three days before I remote start it.


@SouthernDad I’m liking that round igloo you have there! :slight_smile:

I’m also a big fan of the 24 can Colman cooler. I’ve posted before that I use a slice of reflective insulating “bubble wrap” to hold in the heat and provide quick easy access to the contents and it works great. Since I’ve had no need to cut into the lid I can still use it as a cooler whenever I have the need. Also, I use it to store my sous vide supplies (portable induction burner, wire rack for better water flow, Ikea Variera Pot Lid Organizer, Stainless clips, etc) when I’m not using them. (Reduced clutter keeps my wife happier too! :slight_smile: )

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I have four Coleman stacker coolers. The same lid fits the 24 can and 48 can models. This allows me to still be able to use three for coolers but any of the four can be a cooking vessel when I need it. The Igloo serves a good purpose. It will work well when I have a big cook but it does have to have five gallons in it to be above the minimum line.

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The Coleman stacker looks cool. However I can’t find it as a product range here is Australia!

Are there any other options out there? What is the igloo model?

I also considered the lipavi containers but again not avail in Australia…

Surely molded plastic insulated cooler are sold in Australia. They have become an essential item in NA.

Igloo is a brand of round portable coolers.

Can’t you check at your local general merchandise store?
From my side of the planet I see Target Australia sells 10, 25 and 42 litre coolers.
Have you checked E-Bay or Amazon too?

I use a stock pot, with decent success and no issues. For context, I’m quite a basic user…my cooks are rarely over 3 hours long, so I don’t have to worry about losing too much water to evaporation. I also don’t delay-start my cooks, so no need for ice bath feature.

There are many advantages to using a cooler for the cooking vessel. One is that our Anova precision cookers do not have to work as hard. Once up to temp, it stays pretty close to temp, easily.

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BEWARE!!! This Kangabox will leak! See the thread for more info…
This is my setup. It’s a Kangabox 32 liter container.
The box is called thermobox easy.
Material is EPP. It’s a lot tougher than styrofoam.
Made a hole in the top of 60 mm and the Anova is a nice tight fix.
This box is very well isolated and therefore the right fit for a long look.
On the inside I have made marks for the maximum water level. The Anova sticks in over 3 cm beyond the minimum mark.
That’s a bit of a concern but if I encounter problems I will fill up the underside of the box with some styrofoam.
Will be testing on a leg of lamb layer this week!

Hope you all enjoy your fantastic cooks!

THat’s a good-looking setup! Only concern I have is that the Anova is made to circulate a certain volume of water (between 8-11L from memory). Taking 12L as a guide, your box would be a little over a third full. Does that meet the minimum water level, especially when it appears your Anova doesn’t touch the base?

Forgive me for any incorrect assumptions, as I’m basing my statements purely off the photos.

*after reading your post more carefully, I see that you’ve thought of this potential issue as well. Instead of styrofoam, which floats, may I suggest something denser, like rocks or metal objects? It would be more efficient at displacing water.

The Anova wifi model can circulate up to 22 liters.
I have made markings indicating waterlevel for 21 liters.
I fill the container to the markings. This will emerge the Anova 3cm above (or under) the minimal marking on the machine.
When I put in the product to cook, the waterlevel will rise. I have done a few cooks in this setup and it does do the job quite well.
The other day after finishing a cook I left the Anova turned off but still plugged in stuck in the lid.
After half an hour I had lost 0.5 degrees Celsius.
Very satisfied with this result.

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One more thing. This setup is quite bulky. I live in Amsterdam where houses are not as big as in other parts of the world. Because of this kitchen space it limited. Having this setup permanently on my kitchen sink is not the way to go.
I need to store it somewhere else. Putting metal or stones in the container would make it to heavy and might also in the long run damage the EPP.
As is at the moment luckily no additional styrofoam is needed.

After 2 hours with no heating. I would rate this a succes!

This Kangabox is not water resistant. After using it a couple of times it starts to “sweat”. I think the combo of water and heat disolves the binding material used for making the box.
However my old container fits perfectly in the box and can now be used as a box in a box with thermal quality’s.

I will try to get a plastic bag of some sort to line the Kangabox so I can still do larger cooks.

So this is not the ideal solution yet. I will post if anything new happens here.

Box in a box:

Inside container is polycarbonite 12.5 liter.

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Just a thought…if you have a Foodsaver you could use the bag sealer functionality to “stitch together” an inner lining sized to fit your Kangabox out of vacuum bag material.

Good luck!

Very good idea! Will take shot at that. Thanks!

I’ve multi-purposed my deep fat fryer (which holds 8L of oil), added a 1/2 Gastronorm polycarbonate lid with a hole cut out:


I can revert to “deep fry” in minutes, and back to Sous Vide by emptying and cleaning (which I have to do each time I use it anyway).

Works fine, and you can drain the water without carrying 12 heavy litres of water around…


Very smart! Ran right away to see how many litres of oil mine holds - only 3.5. But still something to consider for just one serving of something. Thanks for the tip.

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You’re welcome!

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