Sous Vide Koozie - anyone tried it?

Hi all!

Really enjoying using my new Anova toy but I’m quite proud of my kitchen and having this in a container with a towel underneath does not look that great. I just found this Sous Vide Koozie for the Rubbermaid 12 quart on Amazon and wondering if anyone has tried using it?

it could solve a lot of problems. thanks!

Nope, never tried it. Curious, does it come with a lid that fits around the Anova? I don’t see that - unless I missed it.

I ended up order the koozie but it does not come with a lid. Already had one thankfully. Will keep you posted!

It looks nice, and neoprene is a good insulator. I’m not sure that the return on investment stacks up though. The Anova consumes 800 or 900 W when it’s heating. To keep water for the average recipe warm, I’ve seen it switch on (on average) about 20% of the time (measured by looking at my consumption meter). The actual figure will vary greatly with season and location. Let’s be ultra-pessimistic and assume that the Anova has its heater turned on 50% of the time to keep the water at the target temperature.

Insulating the container will reduce heat loss. Let’s be generous and assume that, with the cover, the container will lose heat 50% slower than it would without, meaning that the Anova will need to turn on only 25% of the time. So, instead of consuming 0.4 kWh per hour, it’ll consume 0.2 kWh per hour.

The average cost of 1 kWh is $0.11. The saving with the cover is 0.2 kWh per hour, so that’s $0.022 per hour. To recover the purchase price of $25.74 for the cover will therefore take 1,170 hours of cooking. (That’s a best-case scenario; the actual number of hours may well be three or four times larger.) That’s a lot of cooking…


I don’t think I can argue with your math on the energy saving too much. Personally I’m getting it because it makes an ugly container look nicer (and therefore my kitchen) and also provide some better protection to the bottom. hopefully it will arrive tomorrow

Yep. It sure looks better that way. I’m still working on finding a container that meets all the requirements. Stylish, effective, and cheap. Pick any two… :wink:

hah, true. I am a sucker for the first two of those three!

I’m using it for the first time as I type this. I also added another layer of insulation between the neoprene and container. I put in some reflectix for added insulation, top and sides. Seems to be doing very well.

If it is only the towel beneath the vessel that you object to you could always buy a length of neoprene and cut it to the size of the base of your cooking vessel.

Personally, I love the look of the clear Cambro-type containers. I wish I could walk into a shop and purchase one, but the shipping rates on bulky items get prohibitive.


I use my 12 quart All Clad pasta pot. It sits on a quartz surface. Looks great and cooks great.

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I agree with Sumo5678. I cook for two or for freezer batches most of the time. A good multipurpose stainless steel pot is perfect for S-V as well as pasta, lobster, oysters, sauces, soups, corn on the cobs, etc. You can use mere aluminum paper foil as a cover with the Anova and avoid the abusive prices associated with customized S-V lids. The difference in energy loss is trivial in this matter. It’s size that counts foremost, according to your real needs. Even with larger containers like coolers, aluminum foil (or tray) will suffice and you can still use your box as a cooler, or whatever.

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Be warned. People have had their beautiful stone benches crack using metal pots direct on the stone surface. Please put an insulation layer between your pot and stone as insurance against tears.


After using my Anova Koozie, it is not all I thought it was. I’m switching to the Colman ice chest and sent the kookier back to Amazon.

Finally gave the koozie a go and it was perfect - snug fit, looks great and provides insulation. Don’t think it will make my food taste better though :smile:

Another advantage to a SS pot is the handles. If I need to claw back a bit of bench top the SV goes into another room, even mid cook. It’s a lot easier to move a pot of hot water with handles than a plastic box without.

Another way to look at the problem; you don’t have to look at it in the kitchen because it will cook anywhere. In summer I usually put mine on the covered patio to cook, avoiding yet more heat being added to my non AC house. In winter the Anova can add much needed humidity to any room in the house, and because I’m not looking at it it can be swaddled in nice thick towels or a blanket.

I, too, have SS stock pots and ceramic dutch ovens that would work for SV; but I bought the Rubbermaid 12-quart container so I could cook SV without taking up space on my 5-burner induction cook-top. As shown in the pic shown in @gbalague’s comment on Oct. 10, this container has handles and the Sous Vide Koozie has cut-outs to accommodate the handles. With handles, I can move this size container wherever I need to (e.g. to move after filling with water or to empty the water after it’s cooled).

I didn’t see the handles (tiny phone screen). I’d probably try a Rubbermaid container like that if I could get it at a reasonable price. Last time I priced it on Amazon, the shipping to Oz brought the total up to around 60 AUD. No luck finding anything comparable for less. :pensive:

So Sorry!! If my currency conversion app is correct (and if I understand how to read it), 60 AUD = $47.07 US Dollars; and it looks like Amazon Prime “free shipping” won’t be available for awhile in Australia. I’d offer to buy whatever SV accessories you are interested in and bring them to Australia (for the price of a roundtrip plane ticket, of course); but that’s certainly no bargain!! Better to buy some reflective insulating material and/or stick with your SS pots.

Or you could craft your “Amazon wish list”, visit friends in the US, have your items sent to your friends’ address, “demonstrate” your SV techniques for your friends and go back to your home in Australia with wonderful (but “used”) SV accessories. :blush: Happy cooking wherever you are!!

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@Pollyanna, you should be able to get Rubbermaid products at Kmart or somewhere here in Oz. Amazon shipping varies greatly, but something like a box for sous vide is always going to be expensive to ship if you think of the size.