Sous vide now eat later

Can I sous vide 1” rib eye steaks but eat 3 hours later?

Hi ya @nbmartin

I think so, that you can wait three hours. Depending on the particular cut of ‘steak’ you might even leave them in the SV waiting. Changes DO happen with extended time.

Consult MathematicalChef Douglas Baldwin Practical Quide to SV for the details of holding beef.

Hi NB, Douglas is correct if you meant to say eat 3 hours after starting the SV cook. You should also respect the Food Danger Zone temperatures. Read and learn Baldwin.

You should know that rib eye steaks are tender and will attain temperature equilibrium in an hour. That’s completely cooked to your desired degree of doneness according to your cooking temperature. You should know that SV cooking tender meat for more than 4 hours can result in it becoming unpleasantly soft.

One-inch is about as thin as you should ever SV cook steaks as you have the risk of them being over cooked if you sear them before serving.

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