Sous Vide Top Sirloin Cap

Sous Vide Top Sirloin Cap: 9 hrs @ 129F, seasoned, allowed to cool a bit, then seared in a 360F skillet with beef fat.

Beefy Potatoes: cooked in pressure cooker with a 2lb chuck roast, then cubed and finished in a beurre monté.

Asparagus: peeled stems, microwaved for 90 seconds with a couple of pats of butter

Not on topic of the sous vide part of your discussion but I am curious why people peel asparagus. I cook/eat them often and have never peeled them. The thorns aren’t real thorns. Also I see people snap them in half and throw away the root end. That’s a lot of waste IMO.
I do cut off the bottom inch or so and enjoy the rest crisp/tender. Other than making your pee smell bad I think asparagus are proof there is a god. BTW…My Dogs eat the raw inch long pieces I trim and seem to savor them! Happy trails to you and I could definitely go for that beauty sirloin cap!!!

Thanks for the note!

I peel them because the stems are pretty fibrous below the bud parts, at least with a lot of purchased asparagus. It also allows me to cook them for less time because I don’t need to soften the fibers. Note: when I had my own asparagus patch and they went from the patch to my gullet within an hour, it wasn’t necessary to peel them. It seems like they “toughen up” after they’ve been harvested.

I also peel things like artichoke stems instead of cutting them off. Same with broccoli as there’s a LOT of great flesh in those thick stems.

I, too, don’t understand the wastefulness of discarding a major portion of the product.