My First Sous Vide Cook(s)

Hi Everyone,…

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the community.
I have recently received my Anova, and I have so far cooked Salmon and asparagus (my first meal) - Pork Chops, Chicken Breast and Rib Eye.
I’m so impressed with all the meats - but golly the Aspargus was absolutely superb. 88 degs C for 4-mins, and the asparagus (with a little butter and black pepper) was melt in the mouth tender, with just the right amount of crunch. Not stringy at all.
Salmon was also to die for, and sous vide is by far the best chicken breast around! I usually do not eat chicken breast, as I find it too dry - but not when sous vide!

I already feel I have got my money worth - and I’m only just beginning. :slight_smile:

Hey @MarkS311 welcome to the community! :heart_eyes: Glad to have you here!

Ribeye is one of my favorites to cook, along with chicken breasts. Chicken is totally underrated - it’s always juicy and tender. Way better results than traditional methods! How long were the asparagus cooked for? I think there may be a typo in your post.

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Hi Alyssa,… no typos, just four (4) minutes at 88 degs C. :grin:

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