WOW!!!!! First time and it worked wonders!

I have been a fan of sous vide for years, but scared to try it!!! It arrived today and I used it immediately. Rib Eye! Best steak I ever had!!! Amazing… And it was MY FIRST TIME!! Whoever designed this thing had me in mind… Plug it in… Done… Enjoy the food!!! Thank you.

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I know :blush: it’s great!
Now get creative and make sure you get rather thick (In EU standard) pices when doing something like ribeye, 4-5cm is what I aim for.
Also, don’t be afraid to do chicken and fish, they works wonders too!

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Ahhh YES! I am glad you liked the results! Ribeye is definitely one of my favorites to have sous vide! Hope you keep on using it!

What did you find better with ribeye sous vide in comparison to other cooking methods? @asolimini

@niXta for sure! Chicken and fish don’t get enough love - but they are a game changer when sous vide!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the magic cooking stick!

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