Splatter Prevention While Searing?

Any good suggestions for not destroying my kitchen while searing? I feel like I make a huge mess with the splatter!

You can purchase ‘splatter guards’ for next to nothing. It’s basically a cross between a sieve and a fly swat.

You can cover walls around with Aluminum (or Aluminium) foil (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1CRGkDgrrQ)
I saw that first time in Canada and also using it now.

Oleg, you’ve been in a lot of restaurant kitchens.

Not really, it’s for home use

Less oil can reduce splatters.

Ensure the meat is as dry as can be

I use tongs to hold the fat of the piece of meat against the hot dry pan without oiling the meat.

The oil from the steak or pork will brown and melt out of the steak to the. Start to brown the meat.

I then turn the heat down, add butter and baste.

This seems to reduce splatter, the worst seems to be to add oil to pan the add the meat… that is crazy oil splatter fest.

If searing something with little or no fat I would use a little oil directly on the meat, then add to a hot pan

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