steaks at diffrent doneness but cooked at same time

I like my steak medium and my wife likes hers medium rare what temperatures and times do we use so we can enjoy our steaks together

8, most users would start by cooking your steak at the medium doneness temperature for the shorter end of the appropriate time range.

When yours has finished its medium cook leave it in the water. Next reduce your Anova’s temperature setting to your selection for medium rare, usually about 10F lower, and add her steak. Then stabilize the water bath at the medium-rare temperature, if necessary, by adding cold water. Cook hers for the appropriate time while yours stays warm but doesn’t cook any more.

At the end of her steak’s cook, decant, pat dry, season, and finish them as you usually do.

thanks-what is the temperature and time for medium and the temperature and time for medium rare

8, many people appear to have there own preferred temperatures for the named degrees of doneness which is probably why restaurant grill cooks have such abbreviated life spans.

You’ve kept your personal doneness temperatures a secret.
Mine are 140F and 130F respectively which are the generally accepted temperatures used by the hospitality industry.

You have also not disclosed the thickness of your steaks which determines cooking times and regrettably this cat doesn’t possess any para-normal powers to discover them.

You won’t go too far wrong if you cook your steaks in preheated water according to the following schedule:
1-inch thick, - 1 1/4 hour
1-1/2 inch thick, - 2 hours
2-inches thick, - 3 1/2 hours.
You can interpolate times for in-between those thicknesses, but i want you to be aware time doesn’t increase with thickness in a linear relationship. That will become more important to you if you SV cook roasts where the outcomes are particularly impressive and satisfying.

You might find it useful to learn something about SV cooking. Many at this Community have found the following site provides all the information they require to become competent.

Do well.

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