Store bought corned Beef cook

Did my first corned beef cook today. Took a frozen 2.5 lb pre-packaged corned beef out of freezer. I ran water over package to thaw enough to take out and transfer to the ziplock. I did not rinse or soak at all. I left the liquid slime and seasoning on it. I also put the seasoning packet in the bag. Displaced air and put this bag in another ziplock. Added some stainless butter knives for weight and displaced air on this bag. I put this in my container (small cooler) and covered top with cling wrap. I removed cooler lid and turned sideways to put over cling wrap for insulation.
Cooked 12 hours ar 165F.
Removed and put meat and juice in pan. I put this under 500 degree broiler for 8 minutes with fat side up.
I am in heaven…so good. Not too salty as others have experienced…but I tend to use more salt.

Sliced and will have lunch for the next few days.


Corned beef is great when cooked like this. I have not had one for a while and may cook one up soon.

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Stop & Shop has them on sale REALLY CHEAP this week, so I bought TWO!
I’m cooking one, at 175F, for 15 hours.
Does anyone have a different Favorite time & temp?

You could cook the corned beef in the cryovac package it comes in, without the extra repackaging work. I would put the frozen package into the cold water bath, straight from the freezer, and let it come up to temp along with the water. Start timing, when the water comes up to cooking temperature. It’s bound to cook all the way through, in 12 hours, but, maybe add an additional hour, just to be sure.

The same would work for a supermarket ham or any other cryovac packaged meat product.

I have tried this in the past cooking at 165°F for 12 hours and the cryovac bag failed.

I now only use bags that I know can withstand the time and temperature. I have only had this happen once but it was enough to make me abandon the use of the cryovac packages…

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