Swimming water buffalo

I was lucky enough to get hold of this beautiful buffalo steak when last I went to see my game butcher.

As is my want when trying a new meat, I cooked it plain so that I could learn and understand the flavour profile because every critter is different. So the steak was dropped into a water bath at 54C for a 4 hour swim while I scraped around for goodies to go with it. Dried, hit with a little salt and pepper and seared off in a cast iron skillet with a little grape seed oil.

Steak was sliced up and served for 2 with cayenne dusted roast pumpkin (hidden by the potato), potato espuma (testing new toy) and broccoli florets.

I will most definitely be purchasing more buffalo when I head over to pick up my Christmas venison order. Delicious beefy flavour and rich mouth feel with none of the fattiness that beef can develop.


What a beauty! It looks very similar to NA bison, nice and lean.

We all hope you are safely well away from the horrible fire zones.

Thanks, Frank. We’re in the southern mainland. Peaceful here currently although we’ve sent local fire crews to help out both in South Australia (west of us) and Queensland in the north. We’ll no doubt get our turn in Victoria as we head into summer proper.

Good to know, thank you.

Keep safe and well.