Buffalo-ish chicken wings

This is my take on buffalo-ish wings. They are less hot and not at all sweet. The flavor of the chicken come through.

In the bag with the wings is sriracha, Heinz 57 sauce, and oyster flavor sauce. Not a lot, just enough to get some all over the wings. Then cooked at 140F/60C for 24 hours. I am sure that a lot of temperature-time combinations would work just as well.

These were finished in a 425F/220C oven after a light spray of cooking oil and a dash of salt and pepper.

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How would you describe the texture and moisture of the meat compared to traditional methods?

It was very moist, come-off the bone but not “fall-off”. The knuckle cartilage was easily chewable. You can wipe your hands rather than needing to wash the sticky sauce.

It ended up that long because of convenience but held up well. I plan to repeat next time wings are on sale.