Spending time in the kitchen again!

There was a time when I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Then I got kids, deserted the kitchen, and invaded Harvey’s, Wendy’s and the likes. Then I got Anova, and back in the kitchen I am. Finally!

This weekend I tried to get the most out of 1 batch of hot water.

Ribs went for 24h @ 165
Chicken went in 22h into the rib’s cook, and stayed there for 2 hours @ 165
While the chicken cooked, I prepped a “boeuf bourguignon” using the recipe in the Anova app. By the time I was done prepping the boeuf bourguignon, the ribs and chicken were done, so I pulled them out of the water, let the water cool down a bit, down to 143… then threw in the boeuf bourguignon that will likely stay in there for about 24 hours or so. I mean I already have chicken and ribs to eat, so there is no rush to pull that out yet.


Great use of time and space, everything looks amazing!

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Welcome back! Nice variety. Look forward to more posts.