First Sous Vide

Well, an old dog (70+) can learn new tricks.

Received my Anova Thursday and immediately it it to work: spare ribs @138, 72 hours. 

Just consumed, and it was sublime. Served with sour cream/garlic rustic mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus from the garden. Just so good to know that even I can make a good meal with so little work and fuss.

Fr. Jeff+


Looks good. 72 hours of cooking and it is gone so fast!

The 72 hour short ribs are one of my go to recipes to demonstrate how amazing this way of cooking is. I also cooked up a bunch for gifts to all my foodie friends for Christmas. Just seeing your picture makes me want to fire up another batch!

Kyle Have you tried regular beef ribs sous vide? They have been on my list for some time to try. Last Summer I smoked a huge batch for a party and they were great. Medium rare but tender would be a whole new treat.

I can only imagine what they would be like. I just had some beef ribs that I smoked last weekend. I thought about trying them sous vide but since I was cooking for guests I didn’t want to experiment just in case. It is also on my list of things to try! 

@frjeff That looks amazing, great work! It really is nice to know that you can reproduce such an amazingly tasty meal with such ease :slight_smile:

@frjeff here  is a a picture of my short ribs after their 72 hour soak. I browned them with a torch. Like yours they were delicious.