What's your favorite go to Sous Vide recipe?

I’m new to sous vide cooking and want a recipe to wow my family. What can you recommend?

Try this . . . https://anovaculinary.com/recipe-sous-vide-lamb-rack/

I love sous-vide for many things, but where the technique really shines is in cooking lean meats that should not be rare such as chicken breast.

One particular favourite of mine is skin-on breast of Guineafowl. This very tasty bird is notoriously tricky to not screw up with traditional techniques. Brining the breasts and cooking them 90-120 minutes @ 60°C. After searing you have some real birde nam-nam.

Seasoning can be varied depending on your mood. One of my favourites is to put some reduced riesling and orange zest in the bag.

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Thick Cut Bone in Pork Chops, Skirt Steak, Short Rib *Favorite, or Pork Belly consistently wow guests. Sous Vide plays very well with tough flavorful cuts that could not be cooked any other way. *Just Google those ingredients + sous vide and you should find a few good recipes. the only way to learn is trial and error… recipe times and sequences of procedures are a good guide. Check out ChefSteps.com they have some great recipes and tutorials.

Most people don’t do them very often, but 72-hour cooked short ribs are pretty amazing. I’ve done them twice and they’re pretty killer. Here’s a recipe for them from our blog: https://anovaculinary.com/recipe-cocoa-dusted-short-ribs/

I’m looking forward to trying some 72-hour short ribs! I just have to find out where I can get English cut short ribs though since my normal grocery store usually only has flanken cut. My guess is the butcher will probably be able to get them for me, they just have to cut them the better (right) way.

Sous vide proteins are just amazing as other posters have pointed out. But don’t forget sous vide veggies! For some of the best corn-on-the-cob you’ll ever have, try vacuum-sealing these with a bit of salt, pepper, and butter. Clip the bag to the edge of the container and sous vide for 20 minutes at 183ºF, releasing air bubbles by poking a small hole in the bag above the water line.

Pork belly skin-on, either marinaded or dry, 48 hours at 60c, and if dry then blast the skin in 1cm of hot oil to get the crackling. Pure piggy joy :smile:

Try a 2’’ thick cut of Prime rib or T-bone steak, vacuum sealed and cooked at 130F, for 90 minutes, then quick seared in a pan or a broiler. A little sauteed mushroom pan sauce, and I’m in Heaven!

I cooked beer brats for the Super Bowl last weekend using this recipe and it was AMAZING: https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/bratwurst-in-pumpkin-ale

My go-to recipe though, I’d have to say is either strip steak with salt and pepper or chicken with lemon, rosemary and garlic. Similar to this recipe: https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/sous-vide-chicken-breasts-with-lemon-garlic-and-rosemary