T’Day Prep

I’ve asked this in the Facebook APO group, with no response.

My daughter has bought frozen dinner rolls and non-frozen turkey thighs. Any thoughts on how best to cook each of these in the APO?

I am cooking my turkey thighs in the Anova. Like you I haven’t found a lot of information about thighs, in the Anova or otherwise. So here’s what I decided to do:

I’m cooking a boneless turkey breast by probe (to 157F) at 350F, rear fan, 20% steam. It usually takes just over an hour. At the same time I have two DEBONED turkey thighs plus deboned legs that I will tie into a dark meat roast. I will have a second (non Anova) probe in that one. My target temperature for the dark meat will be 180F. I will keep a close eye on both temps and pull each roast when done. I’m hoping it won’t take a long time between the two being done. If the dark meat roast ends up being comparable in size to the white meat one, I might start it a little earlier.

I sure hope it all works!