Tasty Tri-tip recipe

First time trying tri-tip sous-vide and it turned out really well. I used a tri-tip recipe from Allrecipes.com. I put the dry rub on for four hours, refrigerated, then added the vinaigrette to the cooking bag. Set the Anova to 130F and let it cook for 6 hours. Finished with a quick sear in a very hot pan, then rested the meat for 10 minutes before slicing. The meat was perfectly done, was juicy and had a good texture. (I was a bit concerned that the red wine vinegar might make it mushy.)


Thanks for sharing! Glad your tri-tip came out perfect. :slight_smile: Any pics of the results!? @Patti_Henkhaus

Sadly, no!! Wahhhh! My phone camera was full and after unsuccessfully trying to free up some memory by deleting some videos, I just decided to eat and deal with the phone situation later. I will say that it was perfectly evenly pink and juicy all the way through with a great browned sear (but no toughness) on the outside. It really was good, and I hadn’t even spent a ton of money - just the regular supermarket grade of beef. I’ll try to post a photo next time.


Hahaha I totally understand! @Patti_Henkhaus

We LOVE tri-tip, but always grill it. I’m itching to try it sous-vide! Glad to hear it turned out so well

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