Beef Tri Tip ! My best SV ever 😀

So I just marinaded it for about 8 hrs in Soy sauce. Then drained off the excess, and seasoned with only garlic powder and black pepper, as the soy sauce is already salty.

SV’d @138 for 16 hours.

Pulled it out of the bag, dried it and gave it a good coating of olive oil mayonnaise to increased the maillard reaction (browning)
Seared it with my Harbor Freight blowtorch, and…

Bam !

Flavor, 10 out of 10

Tenderness… 9.8 out of 10, as had it been any more tender, it would have been mushy ! Probably 12-14 hrs would have been ever so slightly better, by being ever so slightly tougher !

Juiciness 10 out of 10. Honestly, it was so juicy, it was hard to pick up any more of the super tasty juice I saved from the SV bag ?

Did I mention that this was just un-freaking-believable good ?!?! :grinning:


For those new to Tri-Tip roasts here is a picture showing how you should cut it across the grain. Not all of them have the little section in the lower left of the picture. Cutting it correctly add to the tenderness and overall experience.


Yep. I was careful to cut cross grain.

Okay…now I’m hungry! :slight_smile:

For a cut of meat such as Tri Tip without any flat surfaces, the Harbor Freight weedburner caresses it in a welcoming envelope of blue flame and yields a beautiful, uniform sear. Plus it is great pre-dinner theater when serving guests. If you have a non-combustible area where you can safely use it, it is well worth the $19 price.

My usual cook is 4 hours (or a little more if convenient) at 130°, beginning from frozen, previously prepared with salt and pepper and vacuumed. It is dependably excellent, easy and quick.