SV Tri Tip whole, or in steaks ?

I’ve seen it done both ways. Also, if I’m going to cut it into steaks, should I cut it with the grain, then cut it cross grain on my plate when I’m eating it ? OR, cross grain to make steaks with the typical grain you see in most steaks ? I noticed on the Sous Vide Everything channel, that they cut Trip Tip steaks with the grain, to be cut cross grain on the plate when eating…

Also, once again, it seems like guys “either” do Tri Tip really cool (129-131) or hot 155… Hmmm. I certainly feel like in between is better for my brisket (140 ?) and I’m kind of feeling the same for my Tri Tip. Kind of funny that I tend to be an extreme kind of guy in so many other aspects, but don’t feel the same for SV meat temps :slight_smile: lol

As for time, how does 12-16 hours sound ???

Temperature depends on whether you want medium rare or medium. Similarly, the choice of steak or whole is a matter of personal preference and how you wish to serve it.

I’ve only cooked tri tip once (I’m an Aussie) and went for 12 hrs, whole. It was great.

People will accept more ‘chew’ in a steak than in some other presentations of meat. Possible one reason it was chosen to cut with the grain was to get a suitable sized slice out of it.

Thank you Ember. I actually just sat back down after getting it started. I went with whole. Mines probably going to end up going for 15 or 16 hrs, just because of my schedule tomorrow, but I don’t think the extra few hours will kill it.
Marinaded it in Soy sauce for about 8 hours and it looked great (deep wine color) going into the SV. Only used garlic powder and black pepper to season. No salt, as the soy sauce is pretty salty already.

I’m going with 138 degrees.

Will post the results tomorrow night after dinner. Feeling pretty confident. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do the tri-tip roasts whole, 131F for 16 hours. They come out very tender and pink, but not bloody. I like to sprinkle a little Montreal steak seasoning over it before sealing it in the bag. It’s our favorite cut of beef lately. I just slice it like I would a more expensive cut of roast beef.

Right on :slight_smile: I did mine @138 F for 16 hours, and it was absolutely the BEST piece of beef I have ever cooked ! All cuts, and all cooking methods included ! So for my Tri Tips, from now on, that is set in stone :slight_smile: Just don’t know how it could be any better :slight_smile:
My last Chuck Roast was pretty darn good too, @ 138 F, for 36 hours… Not sure how a different time or temp could make it any better either… I just like the Tri Tip better. More steak like :slight_smile: