temperature question.

If i set oven to sous vide 120 F what will core temp of thin steak get to after 2 hours?

i left off that i want to set humidity to 100%

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@chatnoir, in answering a similar question for me, said:

“…it’s easy to remember as a general rule that heat diffuses through flat cuts of meat at 1 inch per hour. Roasts vary around half that time per inch but you will generally do them longer for added tenderness.”

I have specifically named him here, because I believe that he also posted some reading on the topic in a different thread, but I am embarrassed to admit I lost track of the link before I read it, and I’m hoping he’ll swoop in and re-share with both of us.

I believe he will also offer appropriate and worthwhile cautions about cooking at low temperatures. He is very generous with his knowledge, which is both vast and deep. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Baldwin made all the necessary calculations, recommended reading!

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Thanks Joe.
And thank you for contributing, Ragnhild.
Baldwin is both recommended reading and keeping.

Malk, that’s going to be one very blue rare steak with a core temperature precisely just below 120F. That’s the temperature that best promotes the rapid growth of pathogens so you might want to consider not leaving it in your oven any longer just because you can.

Thin isn’t usually considered a precise measurement in SV cooking.

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As mentioned above, the actual thickness matters most. But in theory, say thin is 1cm, after 2 hours at 120F/100% the steak would likely be in the 118-119F range