How do I adjust time for thickness

If you google “sous vide thickness chart” (without the quotes) you’ll get a lot of hits.

A couple examples:

Thickness impacts the time that a product takes to get to temperature equilibrium. You can work on approximately 1 hour per inch (30 mins per half inch) for this to occur.

Another place where it has a big impact is pasteurising. For this, Baldwin is your best guide and can be reached by the second link that @fischersd posted.

Thanks! New to this and love it. I never really understood why you could not cook a rare steak for longer than 4 hours. ( Not safe right)
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There’s several papers on this, but it appears the “tipping point” is about 127F that pathogen growth stops and they start to die (which is why 130F is used as the safety line for longer cooks). 120F, being rare you’re actually advised by most sources to not cook for more than 2 hours.

Another great article is over on Serious Eats. :slight_smile: Heh…it’s like a “steak bible” to some of us. :slight_smile: