Thaw cooked piece

Cooked bone in skin on chicken breast at 143 for 1 1//2 hrs, then froze. How long and at what temp should sous vide to be warm to eat. Also, is there some other way to thaw than sous vide again?

Hi Wheeler, you don’t disclose the chicken’s thickness, but at your 1 1/2 hour cooking time it would be about 1 1/4-inches thick. Use the same time and temperature as your SV cook to reheat thawed chicken.

From the frozen state that 1 1/4-inch thick chicken needs 2 1/4 hours in circulating water at your cooking temperature.

For best results cooks should freeze quickly and thaw slowly in your refrigerator, usually overnight or for 24 hours, on a wire rack set over a pan or plate. The second best thawing method is in a large vessel of cold water.