The saviour of the single man

This photo may not look the most professional, the presentation may not be the most appealing to many. But what it does is prove that a single man or somebody recently divorced & not used to cooking for himself does not have to live on baked beans or meat pies!

This was my 1st attempt at cooking filet steak in the sous vide, cooked exactly as I like it and better than I can get in many local restaurants. For me steak used to be a once a week treat, now I think I will be eating it much more often :slight_smile:

If you are that man living alone & eating convenience food, then you need to buy this machine without further delay!


My father was not a gourmet chef by any stretch of the imagination, but he could cook well enough to feed himself…and the rest of us if need be…a decent meal. Luckily for me, he insisted that I also learn how to do so for myself (though he encouraged me to learn as much as I could from my mother, since she was a better cook than he was).

“You like to eat, don’t you? Well then, if you’re going to be a self-sufficient man you need to learn how to feed yourself rather than depending on someone else to do it for you.”

It was kind of hard to argue with his reasoning.

Haha, I cook for myself too. So I tend to stick to recipes that are good for one person. That usually includes veggies, tofu, ribeye steaks and chicken breasts on occasion. That filet steak looks amazing! Do you remember the temperature and time you went with?

If you’re cooking for yourself, who’s going to judge you on presentation? Besides, from what I know that sous vide is capable of, I’d still eat a well-cooked sous vide piece of meat no matter how it was presented :wink:

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I’m just glad to hear you can still have steak following a divorce - not to mention more than just one per week.

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