Thickness and bagging

If you are submerging your bag to get the air out and you have several pieces of food in your bag, is there anyway to get things to stay flat and in one layer?

For instance, I just put in some chicken breast. I’m sure the problem was very much exacerbated by the fact that I decided to put a sauce in the bag, but it all slides down to the bottom making a BIG difference in cooking time calculated by thickness. I estimated 2 inches of thickness and used sous vide dash which said over five hours.

I’m guessing that freezing and using food saver bags would largely solve this problem, but maybe not with a sauce. As it heats up and melts, does everything slide to the bottom?

After watching a Youtube video of Douglas Baldwin using sous vide and zip lock bags for Creme Brulee I bought the SousVide Supreme universal pouch rack he used in the video. He turned it on it’s side to keep the food in place and submerged in the slots. It’s 7 inches square and also fits the 12 qt cambro…My Anova is still in transit so I haven’t tried the setup myself…I’ve also seen it used on some of the eGullet threads…

@gwendelen‌ perhaps you could try using one piece per bag.

@angela I thought about doing just that, but using that much plastic didn’t sit right with me. I think I will look into the rack and then do the individual bagging occasionally if the situation calls for it.