Time or temp

Is it the time or temp that gets you your desired doness for a steak


Enough time makes sure the meat is at the same temperature all the way through and for tougher cuts extended time makes your meat tender.

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Both… Temp makes meat tender. Tougher meat needs more time. Thicker meat also needs more time. Time is less important. Doing a good steak 2 or 2.5 hours is no problem. Doing a tough peace shorter makes it less desirable.

Temperature for done-ness. Time for texture.

Rule of thumb says that it takes about 30 mins per half inch of thickness for warmth from the water bath to penetrate meat. So to get a 2" thick piece of steak up to temperature equilibrium (centre same temperature as water bath) will take approximately 2 hours.

Steak is usually cut from naturally tender muscles, so with most steak this is all you will need to do before drying it off and searing it in a hot pan.