Timer + Bluetooth

HI there,

I bought the Bluetooth 220v AU Model about one week ago and have been using it like crazy. Only I can’t figure out how to see the time left on the clock. I feel like it has to be something ridiculously simple that I’m missing.

Basically I’ve been using the app to do all the cooking. Connect, choose the recipe, start cooking, then timer will start counting down once temperature is reached. Only problem is, if I walk too far away, the app disconnects. When I reconnect, it doesn’t show me what’s left on the timer, just the current temperature; basically I can set the timer again, but it won’t show me how much I have left on my current cook. And I can’t seem to see it on the actual device either.

1) Is it possible to set a timer for it to start cooking at a certain time?
2) Is it possible to see how much time is left on the cook?
3) Is it possible to set a timer so it stops cooking after a certain amount of time?


Timers are basically not worth bothering with when cooking Sous Vide, the technique more or less renders them redundant. Have you got an Android phone? Hit the microphone icon, say “set timer 4 hours” or whatever your cook time is, and when the alarm goes off, attend to your cook. Something similar is likely available in the Apple ecosystem. The timer is a notorious weak point in the Anova rig, but it’s so easily bypassed using the above method that it’s really a non-issue.

But if I have an windows phone how can i see the time left on the equipment.

You can’t do it o a windows phone. There is no instant Microsoft toolkit for smart Bluetooth. Most disappointing but not enough to make me buy new probably infewrior phone