Timer Issues on over night cook

So, I was exited last night! I placed some bacon in the water to slow cook all night @ 147 degrees. I woke up this morning to a beeping sound. Went downstairs and the unit turned off the heating process, but remained on! Water temp was at 109 degrees.

Why did this happen?
I didn't set a timer, is there a default timer?
I don't know if this bacon is go to eat now!

Did your power go out overnight? (that’s what it sounds like). The apc doesn’t restart your cook when the power goes out (as a safety feature - if it did, you may have no idea that your food is no longer safe to eat).

To mitigate this risk, I always run my apc on a UPS (interruptible power supply) - these can be had fairly reasonably at most consumer electronics stores (best buy, walmart, etc).

As for the bacon, even though it’s cured, I likely wouldn’t chance it.

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I agree with @fischersd: when in doubt, throw it out. There’s a whole host of microbial nasties that could take hold, even in cured meats. Unless you’re really sure about the source, the time, and temperature the whole way, it’s not really worth the gamble.

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Yeppp… I agree with @fischersd and @Brian1 - better safe than sorry!