Translating Sousvide Precision Recipes to Precision Oven

There are not that many Precision Oven specific recipes in the APP however loads of Sousvide Precision recipes.

Can I directly take the Sousvide Precision recipes and use the Precision Oven in Sousvide mode with the same timings?

One of the selling points was A) no more plastic bags even if BPA free, B) allegedly faster cooking time?

If you use sv-mode and 100% steam time and temp are the same. For long cooking times you could bag your food, still using 100% steam.

Thanks for the reply.

I wont to get away from plastic bags, despite BPA free, there has to be some effect cooking for extended time 12hr+. Just think of the difference a bottle of mineral water in a glass or plastic bottle tastes?

I’ve cooked chicken legs sousvide without bags, however that was only a couple of hours, not too much water collected.

I’ll try a bagless 8hr sousvide lamb recipe.

You can, but you should add 5 degrees so that your ingredient reaches the correct temperature, otherwise it will take too long. The trick is to use the thermal probe. 5 degrees up + thermal probe at the exact temp and you’ll be the Precision Oven King!