Voltage Issues and Step Down converter

Hi there, hoping someone can help as I have 4 bags of flank steak and 4 of chicken thighs waiting to be cooked!

I live in the Philippines and my outlets are 220v. I have a number of US appliances, and I use a step-down converter to run them. I’ve just bought an Anova from Amazon and express shipped it (exhorbitant cost!). It arrived yesterday and I plugged it into a step-down, and it blew the converter up! I thought I had done some stupid so swapped it out for another converter, same result. The Anova is working fine but I don’t know how to run it safely. Can anyone advise?

The converter spec is:
Volt-amps: 100w
Cycles: 60
Volts input: 220v (eg what comes out of the power socket)
Volts output 110v (eg what goes into the Anova)

Many thanks

VA and Watts are not the same and the conversion from one to another is dependent on some other electrical variables, but, to put it simply, your step down transformers (“converters”) are about 10x too small. You need about 850 to 1000 watts to run the Anova PC. That’s about 1000 to 1200 VA with an guestimate PF correction.

Thanks for prompt feedback! The converters I use are quite small and sufficient for my other appliances (they can fit in an outstretched hand). I’m guessing I need something more substantial for this device. Do you think if I found a step-down from 220 to 110 volts but with 1000 watt output, it would work?

1000W output should be ok, a 1200W so you have a larger margin would be ideal. The Anova PC doesn’t pull full wattage on the heater that often IIRC.

Curious Michelle, why don’t you just buy in international unit (220v) so you don’t need to use a converter?

Poor research! I’m so used to buying US only appliances on Amazon, I didn’t even realise it was available :frowning:

Well, if you haven’t had it very long, I’d reach out to Amazon, tell them about your mistake and ask them if they’d be willing to make an exchange. If it’s the ANova storefront that you bought it from, maybe customer service at ANova can give you a hand. I’d drop them an e-mail, never hurts to ask! support@anovaculinary.com

(and I’m guessing they’d ship your replacement unit from their AsiaPac distribution centre…so the shipping would be considerably less) :slight_smile:

FYI: Watts are a measure of power and are not dependent on voltage. Volts are like how much water pressure you have for your shower. Amps are like how much water can come out at once.

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Hi michelle! Was wondering how and if You got this to work in the Philippines? I made the same mistake. Wondering what type or converter to use and if this will damage the device? Would appreciate your help and advice.

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but if you order directly from the site while in Asia, they ship models with the correct voltage from Hong Kong, thereby ensuring compatibility and reducing shipping costs as well.

As a few users have mentioned in a separate thread (Moving to the UK will my north american sous vide machine work), it is probably not worth the cost and risk of using a transformer.

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To add to what @kl005 said, if the site doesn’t redirect you to the store you need to get to, you can also visit our main store, where you can choose the plug/voltage you need.

hello everybody.
does running the 120volts version on 120 volts transformer affect the anova or the transformer.
i bought a 120 v nano from canada (amazon did not mention that there is a 220 volts version)
and shipped it to lebanon MEA
first time ran normal
the second time tried to start it, seams not to start.
how can you help me?