Installing, connecting and test

Hi everybody from the Netherlands…

Got my WiFi Anova yesterday and installed it today. All worked immediately and without any problem.
Configured the App to Celsius and did a test by heating water in a can. App reacted very adequate and precise. Expecting my vacuum apparatus (Solis) tomorrow evening, so I can perform a first test in the weekend.



sorry, do not know where to put this.

ANOVA arrived (in Australia) yesterday. Someone has told me that the 110 - 120 v ‘machine’ (mine) is not compatible here. I have an international outlet plug which i have used successfully with a british appliance. I am too scared to plug teh AVOVA in as that person said it would blow up!!!

You will blow out the device if you use a 110V model on Australian 220V (50Hz) power. If you get an “inverter” that converts the voltage to 110V AND converts the frequency from 60Hz to 50Hz, then you could use and adapter plug with no problems. It is CRITICAL that the inverter be adequate to handle the wattage (in this case 900 Watts)

It might be simpler to sell the US version (the USA is about the only country that uses 110-120V 60 Hz power supply) on Ebay or Amazon and just buy an international (220-240 volt 50 Hz) model. A problem there is that the high shipping costs (and higher shipping time) from Oz will result in a lower price.

There are some devices designed to automatically adjust to both USA and international power supply systems (especially laptops) where you can just change the plug or get a plug adapter. But devices that specify one or the other voltages are not. If a device can adapt to either power system it will say so very explicitly.

Don’t plug it in. You will blow it, I have tried in in New Zealand. Didn’t realise it was 110. Converters won’t work successfully according to the lady I spoke to from Anova. Suggest you contact them about returning it and get a 220w replacement.
It is extra cost in freight, but better than having it blow up and have nothing.
Good luck.
My replacement was sent from Australia.

Yeah, if you have the wrong voltage for the Anova, I’d just ask customer support if you can change it out to the one you need.