Where to order spare parts for my oven

Hi all. I’m tryng to buy a spare part and some accessories for my Oven. Where might I do that?

Hi @Enkipa

I do not have an ANOVA Precision Oven. I do have many more or less high tech appliances and tools, many of which caution CONTAINS NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS.

Nonetheless I like to to think that I, an old technician and engineer, am more capable than ‘USER’. So I find replacements and algternatives and workarounds. Just what are you seeking?

As for accessories, I often find kitchen gadgets at Amazon.

Howdy. I know how to strip down the oven, but I don’t know what exact parts I will need to do what I want, which is to replace the meat probe socket in the top left front of the oven and get a new probe to fit in it. I can’t yet find a source of appropriate parts, so thought to ask the community. I don’t want to buy any old 3.5mm probe as this oven is tech-heavy and I want to replace like-for like if possible…

The temperature probe is probably a thermocouple requiring the appropriate alloys in all of the circuit to avoid another uncalibrated thermocouple joint in the plug. It is not just any old 3.5 mm socket.

Contrariwise, it might be an RTD … I hope not. Best wishes.

Well, It should not that hard to figure out if you measure the problem with a meter at freezing and boiling water.

I guess so, but I still need to buy some bits!

Connectors are pretty standard, look at digikey.com, mouser.com, rs.com and newark.com. One or more of them will likely have an equivalent connector. I wonder if the sensors from Thermoworks will fit, I seem to have a vague recollection I saw that said.

Thanks, I’ll do all that. The problem might not be the simple physical connnection (as Douglas already pointed out, above) but the interaction with the data processing that occurs on the circuitboard and thereby the controls on the pretty fancy UI. Might be trial and error from now on…

You’ll need to measure the sensors, that’s for sure… If I remember when I get next door I’ll grab a sensor and see if I can figure out what it is as I’ve a lot of others around here to compare it to.

That would be useful to know, indeed and thank you. I’ll keep trying here too. This whole steam oven/precision cooking-for-consumers topic is still quite new I think, so there isn’t any standardization of peripherals across the various competeing suppliers. It’s a bit like trying to buy an electrical plug in the 1890s…

No clue what the sensor might, somewhere around 50K ohm at 70F and 10KF at 150F. Not anything I’ve heard of before.

It’s a 50K thermistor, same as in my ordinary oven. I guess it’s a common type for ovens.