APO lost probe cover?

Have no idea how this happened, seems it maybe burned off? Was running 450F with 25% steam. Anything I should be concerned about?


I’d look about for it. You probably yanked it off by accident. No way this thing burned up. You could cut a chunk of your rack silicone off and stuff it in there.

I have had good luck running 100% steam at around 190F for a while to clean the oven. I wait about 30 minutes until its nice and drippy with the racks out then take a wet cotton towel and wipe the inside. Most all of the stuff wipes off.

Thanks jumpjump, it combined with some black mess on the foil I had so it’s gone now, what’s the downside leaving it like that?

Best not to have water or gunk in there that would impact the function for the probe. The contacts/socket need to stay clean.

You might have something around in the drawer that has some silicone you can sacrifice. I have a baster brush that would be perfect for that. Amazon has many options for silicone plugs.

Hmm, I wonder if I should just keep the probe plugged in until I hear back from support, hopefully they can ship me out a new piece or something…

Please email support@anovaculinary.com and we can help!

Thanks Cole! Support did respond, but unfortunately the piece is not currently available, I luckily did find it so I keep it inserted when not in use, it’s just not attached anymore - something did cause it to come out which made me nervous during a pre-heat, but so far so good hopefully, I just need to be more diligent it’s in. Hopefully there will be a way to completely replace soon.

Have a great thanksgiving!