Which Cambro Container?

Looking at the various options for Cambro pans, looking at the Camwear pans, temp. range of -40°F - 210°F (-40°C - 99°C), which depth am I looking for? 6"(15cm) or 8"(20cm)? Figure I would get two different capacities for cooking different amounts, but not sure which depth would be best.

Link to the pans:

use those
they have better shape and you can cut a whole in the lid with a drimel for the anova


i got the 9" deep model (cambro 12189cw - http://www.comcater.com.au/handling-storage-holding-transport-food-storage-and-preparation-camwear-boxes--p-2589.html). Here it is in action - https://twitter.com/Alan_1/status/526217546148483072/photo/1

I chose this one for a couple of reasons - at 4.75 gal, it’s around the max capacity of the precision cooker. Also, if you have a larger container, you can always fill it less with water.

No need for a lid, just cover the top with cling wrap.