Whole Beef Sirloin

Hi all been a Sous Vider since my wife bought me a unit for Christmas. Absolutely love it and have tried several different things. Cooked several sirloin roasts with great success and am now wondering about doing an entire sirloin roast for our holidays this upcoming week. Can I do that? will probaby be 7-8 pounds of beef in one large roast. all the time charts etc I can find max is like 2 inches thick. Has anyone done this? How long should I cook it for?

Thanks in advance

Haven’t done sirloin, but I have done tri-tip and top/bottom round. Taking a stab at it, I’d say sirloin is somewhat tender to begin with, so I’d go with 14-18 hours for a 5"-6" thick roast.

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perfect thanks. I have done smaller ones but never for more than about 4 hours and they always turned out good. I will experiment and see how it goes :).

Have you done a brisket? I have one in the freezer that I am thinking about trying out as well

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You might be able to do less time, maybe 12 hours, but the neat thing with SV is that things like beef don’t get over cooked if you overshoot the time by a few hours.

Never tried SV brisket. I typically either smoke them (BBQ) or turn them into pastrami. Sometimes grind them into hamburger.

I did see someone recently posted a brisket method that seemed to be successful