Why cool before smoking?

Why can’t I take my pork loin roast out of the sous vide bath and directly put it in my smoker? Why do I need to put it in ice/water to cool down and then put it in the smoker. I know I probably left some info out, but ran out of time.
Thank you

Hi @Wheeler,

It all comes down to keeping the meat at or below the temp that will yield the desired “doneness” when you smoke it. If you go directly from the bath into the smoker you already have the meat at that temp, and the stint in the smoker is probably going to further increase that temp - thus “more done”. By chilling the meat prior to smoking you allow it to sit in the smoker absorbing that smoky flavor as the meat once again has to work its way up in temperature. The hope is that during its time in the smoker the internal temp of the meat will not rise above the temperature at which you had your sous vide bath set.

I hope this clarifies things a bit! :slight_smile:

Also… Smoke sticks better to cold, wet things.

Thus explaining the way I smell when sitting around the campfire in these cold. wet months here in the Pacific Northwest!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, Mirozen!
I never knew this before, and I was just following the instructions each time I had to make pastrami, never asking “why does it work this way” :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I have a cold smoker which allows me to smoke while using no heat. Was hoping this would work

Cold smoking will definitely work, but you need to keep your product out of the danger zone.