Wire Racks Fall Off Side Rails With Heavy Items

I’ve found that the wire racks are just a bit too narrow OR the oven side “rails” are not wide enough. Several times I’ve had heavy items cause the racks to give way and collapse to the bottom of the oven. Items such as cast-iron pans and Dutch ovens especially, but also casseroles. Anyone else having this issue?

That seems like it might be an issue. Drop a note to support@anovaculinary.com and we can help out!

What are roughly the casserole sizes / weights that get you into trouble? I cooked some rather heavy stuff (e.g. 2.5kg capocollo) with no issues…

Also, since the temperature control is much better, you may not need heavy cast iron or pyrex pans/casseroles etc, the point of the cast iron or thick glass etc. is to keep the temperature constant and uniform (and keep humidity inside, if covered), because of the very poor temperature control and heat distribution of “regular” ovens - should not be an issue with the APO (or much less)