Anova Precision Oven FAQ

Physical space & operations questions:

  • What are the dimensions & weight of the oven?

    • Exterior: 22.4 x 17.7 x 14.1 in
    • Interior: 16.9 x 10 x 12.4 in
    • Capacity: 1.2 cubic ft
    • Weight: 58lbs in full packaging, 46lbs out of the box
  • Can I put the oven on a shelf or in an enclosed space?

    • As the oven is heavy, we only recommend it for countertop locations, and that you maintain at least 2 inches of space on all sides for proper ventilation and operation
  • What accessories does the Oven come with?

    • You will have 2 metal wire racks, 1 food probe and 1 stainless steel pan
  • Where can I get the perforated pan & additional pans?

    • While its not available quite yet, we anticipate additional pans will be available by December
  • Where does the steam vent from?

    • The steam vents from the bottom right corner at the front of the unit, below the water tank
  • Can it microwave?

    • Nope! But it can definitely reheat, please refer to our Reheat, Refresh Revive section here
  • Can it toast?

    • Of course! This is our toast recipe here
  • What size pan should I buy if I want extra pans?

    • We recommend “Jelly roll” pans, or 15”x10” pans
  • How do I clean my oven?

    • Check out this separate article on oven cleaning here!
  • What minimum amperage do I need to use the oven?

    • We recommend a 15A outlet for the oven, as it can draw up to 1600W of power
  • Can I airfry with this magical appliance?

    • You sure can!
  • Can I get a built-in version of this oven?

    • The Anova Precision Oven only exists as a countertop device
  • Whats the warranty?

    • 2 years, and we’ll come to your house to fix it! (if you invite us in)
  • I’m not using steam but I still see it coming out of the vent

    • This is normal. Food contains lots of water. When you heat up the food, that water gets driven off the food in the form of water vapor. This is especially true at high temperatures. The Anova Precision Oven vents this excess moisture the same way, regardless of whether the cook settings have steam enabled or disabled. Note that this same phenomenon happens in a normal oven, too, except those ovens spread the vented moisture out over a much larger area so you typically don’t notice it.

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Perhaps a variation on ‘can I get a built in version’ but:

what is the minimum vertical spacing needed between ANOVA Precision Oven®s if stacking them?

I’d like to have 2 ovens, one above the other, on an open 60cm-wide rack shelf.

We recommend 4" of clearance!

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might be time that the Anova support staff realize that they also sell to many other countries that use metric units and 220-240V power supplies and would appreciate FAQs adapted accordingly

Good call! We can address that

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