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I have seen some information about the Anova precision oven and it looks quite interesting. However I have also seen that this oven is a countertop oven. Our kitchen is quite small and we are short of space so it would be quite difficult to have this oven on our countertop. However our traditional oven is quite old and could do with a replacement. Is there any way to install this oven in the space that would be occupied by a traditional built-in oven? Has someone managed to do this?



FWIW, I have installed mine on a microwave shelf in my cabinets.

Your challenge will be leaving enough space around it for ventilation in a built-in configuration. That said, and knowing that I would want to be able to reverse it if and when I sell the house, I would install a lower cabinet where your traditional oven is and sit the Anova on top of that. I would not permanently mount the new cabinet, so it’s completely reversible.

Hi Barelon, other than price there are significant differences between built-in ovens and countertop models. For safety built-in ovens all have fan driven heat dissipation to reduce surrounding damage and to protect their delicate digital components. Built-in ovens also have more insulation.

Anova recommends a minimum of 4-inches / 10 cm clearance all around. I don’t advise disagreeing with their engineers. You might want to consider replacing your traditional oven with the Anova by mounting it on a low wheeled platform or on a cantilevered pull-out shelf. When in use, you may have to extended the oven into your kitchen space.

You also might want to consider mounting the oven on a mobile cart, moving it out of the way when not in use.

Welcome to the #anovafoodnerd fam! You’ve gotten some great answers already. As mentioned, it can be recessed with 4" of clearance on all sides

Dumb question - is the bottom considered a “side” ?


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Palo, thoughtful question.
Most companies mean what they say when providing operating specifications.

Heat rises, an oven designed to operate on a counter top would not need to be suspended 4" above the counter. At least not until the release of the Anova Precision Oven’s anti-gravity attachment.

No! Good question!

SOON! haha

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Great going Anova!

It’ll be the solution to everyone’s kitchen countertop challenges.
Look up and see all that unused kitchen space.
Not for long.

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I’ve recently done something similar. I had a cabinet built to replace my stove with an induction cooktop and the APO replacing the old oven beneath it:

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@carlodimartino looks great!. What’s the width of that cabinet?

90cm. That’s a standard stove space width here in Australia and I just built it where my old stove was :slight_smile:

The APO is advertised with a width of 56.9cm which is exactly the width of a standard European kitchen cabinet. With some force you can actually get the APO in. Only to find out the top with the lid on the watertank is not 56.9 but 57.5cm. Fortunately I can adapt my cabinet and gain 1.6cm; the APO will now fit easily although there will not be 10cm free on the side (opposite the watertank).

We recommend 4" of clearance on all sides, just FYI.

Can you elaborate please? What exactly cause it to be larger than 56.9cm? And how do you refill the water tank?
Im considering to build a cabinet for this oven but have no many options bigger than 606060

The lid of the water tank extends the width by a couple of millimeters.

Can I know the width of your kitchen cabinet?

Can i know what is the length of your cabinet?

My kitchen cabinet is exactly 56.9cm.

That’s good news for me. Mine is just 60cm but i have allowance for the height.

No issue so far?