Anova Oven: Can it replace a toaster oven??

Counter space limitations are a real thing! I’d have to ditch my toaster oven to get the Precision Oven, and I really want to. But if my other family members can’t toast a bagel in a reasonable period, I don’t think it’s going to work out. Unless we move.

Does anyone have any insight into whether I can use this little Precision Oven as a simple toaster oven?

Chatty, that’s a good question and it’s one best directed to the Anova SUPPORT folks at the link above. We’re mostly just sous vide cooks here. The oven may have a setting for bagel toasting, but you might want to confirm it.

You should realize the Anova oven is about 50% larger than a typical toaster oven. That’s going to use a lot of energy to toast a bagel when it could be toasting two dozen.

While you are in contact with the Anova folks you might want to inquire about their clearance recommendations to be sure it meets your space limitations.

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Anova has told me that they want to add a category for their oven in this forum.

Not sure how many users will have experience with it.

Did you get a reply from support?

The bagel setting on toaster ovens is just the toast setting with the bottom heating element turned off. So in the meantime, you can just place the bagel on a baking sheet to block the bottom heating element. Perhaps even add a folded sheet of aluminum foil to add insulation. Lastly, assuming the oven has a broil setting, just adjust the temperature and use that setting for the bagels.

Support confirmed I can use it as a toaster oven. Which only makes sense, as some point out.

UNFORTUNATELY it needs 4" clearance and I can only give it 3". So until I renovate my kitchen again, this looks like a no go :frowning:

4" clearance on all side? Or 4" only on some sides of it? I would think that the side with the water tank would not need much clearance at all.

I bought this hoping to put it in a certain space, but I can only get 4" of clearance on the back and top. The side clearance would only be 1/2-3/4".