Oven: Toast Recipe?

Is there a Toast recipe for the oven yet? A “Toast 101” briefly appeared, then disappeared, from the Oven App last week. My oven is scheduled to arrive today. If it’s not toasting bagels tomorrow morning, then I fear I, myself, will be toast.

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Is this the kind of thing where you wanted the oven and you promised your other than for sure it can make toast so we can put it where the toaster oven used to be on the counter?

Have you ever toasted in the oven? I’d imagine it will be sort of similar. Broiled bagel maybe.

I don’t think it will be the same as any toaster oven, but you probably knew that when you were buying a steam oven.

I’d be cautious at this time since you need high heat for toasting and the timer as currently implemented does only two of the 3 things we want. It starts ticking down once the temp target has hit. It dings when the time has run out. The 3rd thing we want it to do, but it does not at the moment is turn off the heat. So, at the moment the oven is not like a toaster when you set the color you want and hit the button and then go off getting dressed or getting your kid on zoom school… and then come back to a perfectly toasted item waiting for you in the toaster. If you forget your bagel in this oven after the time runs you you may experience some excitement of smoke and char.

PS: I want to believe this was a real question about a recipe for Toast so I answered as best I could.

It was a real question, so thanks for the reply. And, to answer your first sentence question: YES!

I’m sure the oven can do it, but there are lots of variables: which rack, temperature, any steam %, time. I want to believe Anova did this homework for us. Especially considering how many “does it toast” questions I saw at the start of the pre-order. Anova always replied with a yes, but never with any detail.

I’m going to assume as hot as you can make it. Top and bottom burners. 0% steam. Rack at 1/3 from the top. Maybe 4-5 minutes for bagels, but you will have to experiment. Are you talking real bagels or supermarket bagels? :wink:

I have a Mitsubishi toaster from Japan. It makes one slice of toast at a time. And, I had to buy a transformer to convert from 120v to 100v so I don’t fry it. It makes the best toast I’ve ever had. Tons of YouTube videos on it.

Basically, it’s an enclosed cavity where the bread goes. Tons of steam pours out of the top of it, but it’s the moisture in the bread… No added water. It uses the same fuzzy logic as a good Japanese rice cooker.

My oven arrives on Thursday. I think you might be able to replicate at high temps with some steam to start. I’ll do some testing when I get mine.

Toast 101 is back on the app. I tried it out this morning and the toast came out pretty close to perfect. Will still try some other methods but that one was pretty solid for both a piece of wheat bread and for a leftover biscuit.

This one?