APO - problems found so far

So far I found three problems, not deal breakers, but there is always room for improvement.

1.) Packing
The power cord (PE?) is reacting with the support material (styrofoam) and bonds together.
Solution: Have the power cord inside the oven wrapper

2.) Water tank cover
The water tank cover does not snap onto the water tank and jumps out of most snap hooks. It will stay on top somehow uneven.
Solution: Overview of the snap design, give them a bit more hold.

3.) Racks
The racks slide very badly. This can cause a higher than necessary heat loss when you place the rack in the oven.
Not sure this is the none-straight design or the rack, or the surface of the left/right walls.

One note:
APO lost wifi right after setup. Had to do setup again - have not lost wifi since. Seems stable for me.

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interesting. my power cord didn’t do that.

i agree that the accessories in general could be better. i’d love a sturdy baking pan without ridges.

i have the same experience with the water tank cover. i think mine initially fit better, but then i ran it under hot water because there was dust on it or something, and it may have warped a little. at least that’s my theory.