Would anyone care to briefly summise the APO please?

There is quite a bit of info missing to my mind, I’d be interested in one to build in & vent from the sides, (as I have a freezer doing also) I cannot find info on the overall electrical efficiency & subsequent rating of the unit, insulation type & thickness.

Is there a deeper broader unit planned that will accommodate the larger pizza @14 inch ? (kids & fast meals)

Why the heat leakage through to the sub par plastic water tank, why plastic & not borosilicate glass? (keep the transparancy, add a metal surround / retention bumper feature)

How are the electronics separated from the heat & what temps occur “up there” ?
Bearing in mind a regular cooker usually has a small bit of glassfibre type insulation & a one pop sensor type thing, how has oven repair at home been built into the APO compared to a regular fitted oven that is simple to replace an element (or three)

Whilst I can distill my own water I like vinegar for car wiper jet nozzle cleaning (& love the smell) my concern for anything with a pump is filtration, does the APO have a user accessible one for simple swap out (I have an electrical “slurry” softener on my incoming water pipe so calcium tends to stay pretty liquid until put to heat even if tap water is used)

What is the perceived design lifespan & operating cycles?
Spares availability? (UK) would that come from the Peterborough factory (north of Cambridge) ?

Does it have an exterior antennae to deal with being stuck in a cupboard (built in unit) in order to maximise signal interference from modern insulation material (foil PIR type board insulation) …our house has a lot of it

What is the worst element of the experience with the APO now the initial production run has passed & been refined?

NB my Anova sous vide never gets packed away, & travels to the alps when we fly, so i’m used to the app programming which for an oven is a good move if it stands tall in capability of design & execution, it has to be a consideration as a replacement & refinement on pre-existing kitchen stock kit.

Thanks for your time & answers.