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I am really looking forward to starting my sous vide adventure. Eight years ago I had a stroke and now only have the use of my right hand. I enjoy cooking and am still able to rustle up some tasty food. Having read a lot about sous vide, it seems like a must try. Pretty sure I will be able to use the Avona, but wonder if I really need a vacumn sealer? If I do,can anyone recommend a model that could be used effectively, with just one had.


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I think you might find it vastly easier to use a vacuum sealer with one hand than attempt to do the water immersion method of sealing a ziploc bag with one hand.

If you are in the US, foodsaver has a few less expensive models, like the V2244 that don’t have any bells or whistles, but they do have a low profile design and a lever on the side to lock and unlock the vacuum & sealing bar, making them something that should be easy to operate with one hand.
The higher end ones are more complicated and kind of need to two hands to work.

You don’t need to use their bags though. I buy bags from “commercial bargains” on amazon, it’s not quite as thick, but they are 1/4 the price of foodsaver bags and I have had no more failures with them than I’ve had with foodsaver.

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Hey, @gstq54!

You don’t necessarily need a vacuum sealer, but I agree with @acs - it might be easier to use than to use the immersion method.

Maybe @Ember and @Kquim can also jump in an recommend a vacuum sealer. :slight_smile:

I use a Luvelo branded vacuum sealer that I picked up from eBay. At times I struggle to use it with two hands, but that’s because I’m a tight-wad and often try to cut my bags too small or I overfill them.

But, because it is all push button operation, it could potentially be used one-handed.

Thanks for your comments. I took a look at some v2244 videos on YouTube and it looks like I should be able to use it. So now it’s time to head off to Amazon and start my new adventure. Cheers!

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Nice!!! @gstq54