15 minutes to get to 380?

I am using the top and rear element and it took 15 minutes to get to 380. Is that normal?

Last week I was baking focaccia and the temp acted odd. It was at 475. I opened the door to put in the bread and the temp dropped of course. But then after closing the door several minutes later the temp was below what it was when I opened the door.

The oven fan makes an odd sound almost every time I start it.

On the 380 cook after 48 minutes the timer display showed 1 17:30. I had no timer set so that was odd also.

The fan in my new oven is also quite noisy. Is this natural?

I am actually on my second oven, replaced since I had a similar problem with the first one. Now, my replacement oven is doing the same thing. I have to be close by and watch or constantly retype in the temperature I want. Instead of pre-heating quickly, the oven slows down to a crawl. It takes more than 15 minutes to get to a baking temperature – 350. Forever to reach 400. If I am standing there, I start to notice that it will go backward sometimes – gain a decimal point and then lose one. However, if I repeatedly punch in the desired temperature several times, it suddenly takes off and quickly goes upward. However, it then drops a huge amount when I open the door to put in the baking dish and, unless I repeatedly hit the temperature again, crawls upward, or just stays at the new low temperature. I haven’t checked the temperature with another thermometer, but I do have to stand right by the oven, or all my dishes would bake way too slowly. The first time, when I sent it back, was finally for a “last straw” event where I set a large batch of bread dough to proof, came back in half an hour, and found that the temperature had suddenly shot up to 400 even though it was set on 70, and the unrisen dough was baking, and ruined. I still love the oven – but I remember now that when they sent the second oven, the person appeared to be warning me, by saying she hoped this one would not have a flaw. I just wonder if they got a bad batch from the factory. And it seems to take a while for the electrical problem to show up, so I understand it might be hard to catch. I don’t want to send this one back. It was a pain in the neck and I had to go without an oven since I got rid of my regular oven. Also, when they got my other oven back, they “forgot” to send me the new one, and I had to remind them. Since they come out of a warehouse about an hour away, I am tempted to see if I can’t arrange a personal handover with the new oven handed right back. Surely the third oven would be the charm! So here’s the question, it seems that others do have electrical problems. Does anyone else have this problem with the very slow pre-heat but it can be corrected by punching in the temperature repeatedly? And did anyone else have it suddenly either drop in temperature and stay low, or suddenly have the temp raised so that something burned or was ruined? Also, does anyone monitor these sites and try to actually do something about these problems?